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with Stacey Isaacs

Check out our packages below… there’s one for everyone…


1. EIGHT PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH STACEY. Regain your youth by signing up for 8 private sessions with Stacey via Skype, FaceTime or phone. Includes an Eastern Medicine evaluation, personalized meal plan, and healthy lifestyle makeover. This is your chance to address any and all of your concerns about how you are aging. Whether you are concerned about your outer appearance, your energy level, your inner healthy, your stress level — whatever your particular issues are — Stacey will teach you how to regain your youth through foods.    $1295.00

2. LIVE WITH STACEY. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Stacey will come to you for 3 days to design and teach you an unforgettable step by step healthy lifestyle program designed specifically for your needs. Includes an eastern medicine evaluation. May also include a complete re-vamp of your kitchen, shopping to restock your kitchen, cooking/food preparation instruction, meal plans, recipes, examination of your favorite restaurant menus, qi gong/meditation information. You will live Stacey’s life alongside her for three full days. Learn what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and get individual preparation instruction if that’s what you want. Learn how to snack correctly. See what Stacey does herself and learn how to replicate that healthy lifestyle for yourself. You will be completely ready to regain your youth.     $9995.00

3.  ONE EASTERN MEDICINE EVALUATION & RECOMMENDATIONS. This 1-1/2 hour session can be done via Skype or FaceTime. Stacey will use her eastern medicine expertise to evaluate your conditions. You will discuss your concerns and Stacey will provide recommendations for a healthy eating lifestyle. Outer beauty, inner health, stress, energy levels, sleep habits, menopause, pain management, and general health are just some of the areas that can be addressed. During your session, Stacey will offer some immediate food tips and after your session, Stacey will send you a personalized meal plan with specific lifestyle recommendations designed specifically for you.   $495.00

4. PICK MY BRAIN. In this half hour phone conversation, you will be able ask Stacey anything and everything. You will receive answers to your questions, food and lifestyle recommendations, and information about whatever is most important to you. In some instances, Stacey will further research your issues after the call and will send you more information if necessary.    $119.00

5. THREE-DAY MEAL PLAN WITH RECIPES. This option is for those who are not looking for individual attention, but want to get their feet wet with a healthy eating plan directed at your top concern. Choose from the following concerns: boost my immune system, fix my digestion, boost my energy level, reduce inflammation, better sleep, stress reduction. Stacey will send you a 3-day comprehensive meal plan with recipes. Each recipe combines eastern and western nutrition principles to address your area of concern.    $99.00